Trust and Estate Administration

Effective trust and estate administration ensures that an estate/contingency plan performs as intended. Ramsbacher Prokey Leonard LLP has extensive experience representing trustees, executors, and beneficiaries in connection with estate administrations of any size.

We frequently deal with individual, institutional, and private fiduciaries to assist in meeting fiduciary responsibilities to beneficiaries. In addition, our firm can prepare gift and estate tax returns or work closely with your CPA to produce the required forms. When appropriate, we can secure judicial relief to ensure that the decedent’s intended wishes are carried out.

Trust administration often includes the following services:

  • Helping trustees and beneficiaries understand the provisions of a will or trust, analyzing various tax issues, interpreting applicable state law, and then communicating how these concepts affect your family
  • Assisting trustees and estate administrators with meeting their fiduciary duties in order to avoid costly legal disputes
  • Working with your other advisors, including accountants, financial planners, insurance professionals, and appraisers, to facilitate the transition of value and control during the administration process
  • Selecting and working with appraisers to comply with applicable tax, trust, and estate laws
  • Forecasting cash flow during the period of administration in order to balance the needs of the fiduciary with those of the beneficiary
  • Petitioning local courts for necessary relief, such as modifying or interpreting trust terms, approving accountings, seeking instructions to sell or dispose of assets, and more
  • Assisting in the collection of life insurance proceeds
  • Effecting the transfer of interests in business and real property, including managing associated real property tax issues