Special Counsel

Ramsbacher Prokey Leonard LLP acts as special counsel to a variety of different clients and their advisors, customizing services to unique situations or special aspects of a larger project. We are often retained by other attorneys, and work as a team to ensure our clients receive comprehensive and competent advice. Our multifaceted experience with trusts, taxation, real estate, probate, and business/contingency planning makes us well suited to applying specific technical skills to discrete issues. In addition, this breadth of experience allows us to identify and manage issues within the context of the long-term, big picture. We have a proven record of crafting creative solutions to intractable problems, working in collaboration with other advisors and opposing counsel.

Examples of our special counsel services include:

  • Advising accountants and attorneys on how to more effectively represent their own clients in tax controversy matters, estate planning involving technical tax issues, and wealth planning involving complex wealth succession issues
  • Assisting trial counsel in litigation matters involving embedded tax issues  
  • Reviewing other attorneys’ documents and advising on strategy in connection with their own litigation and planning matters
  • Serving as a special or “independent” trustee for various types of irrevocable trusts
  • Serving as expert witnesses in areas of our core competence
  • Assisting family law attorneys in restructuring existing contingency and/or business plans for divorcing couples